April 13, 2017

Olivia as moderator at the Inter-Pacific Bar Association Annual Conference 2017 in Auckland

Olivia attended the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (“IPBA”) Annual conference on 4- 9 April 2017 and was the moderator for the Women Business Lawyers Committee’s session “Ladies, Let’s do IT”. The panel consists of the following:

  • Anne Durez (TOTAL S.A., France)
  • Slyvette Tankiang (Villaraza & Angangco, the Philippines)
  • Hiroko Yamamoto (Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Japan)
  • Barunesh Chandra (August Legal, India)

Information Technology (“IT”) is no doubt one of the fastest growing industries in the past 10 years. Since the birth of the internet, computers are no longer glorified typewriters but devices that allow users to communicate and share knowledge and trade with the rest of the world. Nowadays,IT covers not only PC but a wide range of devices e.g. smartphones, tables, laptops, smart watches etc.

As the pace of the modern world becomes much faster and clients expect everything to be done now rather than later, and as competitions between law firms become more intense, it is important to take advantage of IT to enhance productivity, efficiency, marketing and competitiveness.

The session was conducted in an informal and interactive manner between the panelists and the audience and it mainly addressed the following:

  1. How their countries could use IT to enhance their respective legal sectors;
  2. How firms could use IT to enhance productivity, efficiency, marketing and competitiveness; and
  3. How lawyers could use IT to improve their professional lives in terms of marketing, efficiency and time management

The panelists not only provided informative and interesting answers to the questions posted but also their personal experience on the topic. In particular, one of the panelists, Hiroko demonstrated how firms could benefit from the use of IT by sharing with the audience snapshots of her firm’s advance internal computer system and how it functioned.

In additional, the session also addressed a current hot topic – artificial intelligence and the impact on the legal industry generally.

The session was well received and both the panelists and the audience had a great discussion.