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International arbitration

The increase in international trade and commerce has inevitably brought an increase in disputes between parties situated in different parts of the world. 

International arbitration has increasingly become the preferred way of resolving cross border disputes to avoid the difficulties and uncertainties of court proceedings or the enforcement of a judgment in a foreign country. Other advantages of arbitration over court proceedings include the confidential nature of arbitration proceedings, the right to select the decision maker and the flexibility given to the parties to decide on the procedures. 

Our international arbitration team advises on all aspects of the arbitral process, from strategy planning prior to the commencement of proceedings through to enforcement of the final award. 

In respect of arbitration outside Hong Kong, we maintain good working relationships with arbitration lawyers and counsels around the world, and we are able to quickly identify the most suitable legal resource to form a team to ensure your case is handled in the most cost-effective manner and with the highest level of advocacy and strategic management.

Scope of work:

  • All types of institutional and ad hoc commercial arbitrations
  • UNCITRAL and ICC Investment arbitrations
  • Drafting arbitral agreements
  • Selection and appointment of arbitrators
  • Challenge of arbitrators
  • Interim relief applications
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards

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