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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are exciting opportunities to expand your business quickly in addition to organic growth.  However, a poorly executed transaction may result in losses and, in some cases, even lead to failure of the business, such as when shareholders dispute develops or misrepresentations and warranty breaches take place.

Our corporate team has substantial experience with mergers and acquisitions. We do not simply provide you with a stack of documents modified from our standard templates. Rather, before we even start drafting, we ask detailed and textured questions about your business and help clarify your goals. With a thorough understanding of each case, we work with you to identify commercial, structural and technical issues and assist you in negotiating and finalising your deal. 

We are experienced in advising our clients throughout the transaction process, from structuring the deal, developing the strategies, steering the negotiations, advising on regulatory implications, drafting legal documentation and completion of the transaction. We focus on issues such as internal irregularities, unreported liabilities, balance of power issues, asset allocation, transfer restrictions and prohibitions which are critical to the success of your company and the continued growth of your business.

Our team has represented a board spectrum of clients, including high net worth individuals, corporate clients and high-profile institutions in a variety of acquisitions, disposals, mergers, joint ventures, PIPEs, and cross-border and international transactions.

Our areas of work include:

  • Public and private mergers and acquisitions
  • Takeover advice and securities law
  • Sale and disposal of shares, companies and fund interests
  • Deal structuring advice and exit strategies
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Shareholder, partnership and co-operation agreements
  • Financing agreements, security and charge package
  • A variety of options agreements

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