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Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery

With the rapid advance in technology, heavy reliance on internet, widespread use of social media, and ubiquity of e-banking, movement of funds have never been easier.  Following closely is a significant increase of fraud cases.

From our experience, the key to a successful recovery of the defrauded funds is speed. Our litigation team regularly handles a wide range of complex domestic and international fraud cases from cybercrime, internet scams, email hacking to directors’ fraud, Ponzi schemes, boiler room frauds and investment scams.

We develop immediate strategies tailored to the circumstances of each case to preserve the defrauded assets and are experienced in working with lawyers in other different jurisdictions. We are frequently instructed by foreign law firms to assist their individual and/or corporate clients in fraud cases. 

Our experience and expertise cover cases that involve:

  • Mareva or Freezing injunctions
  • Anton Piller “search and seize” orders
  • Third party and disclosure orders
  • Asset tracing (including worldwide recovery)
  • Cybercrime
  • Internet scams
  • Email hacking
  • Investment scams
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Directors’ fraud
  • Boiler room frauds
  • White collar crime including anti-bribery, money laundering

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