All paintings by Arthur Williams (11/12 years old)

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Technology, Media and Telecommunications are one of the most promising and active sectors for the small and medium enterprises. Nevertheless, they are also one of the more competitive and difficult industries to navigate.

For TMT companies, the key to survival is innovation and growth, getting your products into the market swiftly and maintaining your revenue stream. Our team has extensive experience with e-commerce, hardware and software outsourcing as well as manufacturing, multilayer distribution and SLA, etc., 

We focus on helping small and medium TMT enterprises build a strong legal foundation with a sound and flexible investor structure which can be adapted to accommodate future growth as well as different investment options. We also assist you in developing technically-oriented commercial documents which can safeguard your margins and address your specific liability needs to complement your go-to-market plans.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Drafting and advising on TMT-related hardware and software commercial, business development and promotional efforts to enterprise end-users, governmental organisations and private operators. These areas include IP licensing/transfers, OEM and outsourcing manufacturing, SLAs, SaaS, structures, use of sales reps and commission agents, master distribution programs (multi-layer), mar-com (marketing communications) arrangements and other commercial matters.
  • Providing advice on TMT development and operations in respect to corporate formation, M&A and shareholder agreement documentation and issues, as well as employment law related matters for contract and permanent personnel.
  • Providing advice on corporate and TMT-specific governance/compliance, including data privacy, AML, FCPA and gifts/entertainment for sales and marketing staff. We advise on Hong Kong statutory provisions as well as other regulatory/legal filings and related training docs.
  • Developing legal foundation for fintech projects, with blockchain and cryptocurrency/online payment rails; structure IP rights and regulatory compliance for online payment/trading platform, R&D and product development.
  • Drafting and advise on TMT fundraising and marketing documentation and presentations for Series A/B round investors, provide related compliance training for employees for the same; responsible for all M&A transaction processes and details.